Message of the Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Educational Foundations and Management in the Faculty of Education at Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE), a Constituent College of the University of Dar es Salaam. The Department of Educational Foundations and Management was established in 2006, the date MUCE came into existence. The Department started as a Unit in the Faculty of Education and has now grown and upgraded to a Department with effect from July 2018. The Department has 13 full time members of academic staff. The Department has dedicated members of academic and administrative staff with a wide range of professional specializations in educational foundations and management fields. Our department has a distinguished record in both teaching and research. Faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly regarded.

The Department hosts a student population of about 5,303 per academic year. The Department exists to vibrantly spearhead the core functions of the University namely: teaching, research and public services geared at transforming the society and enhancing intellectual wealth for sustainable and inclusive development. By its nature and character, the Department provides research based answers to the questions of how best the education services can be thought, designed or organized, provided and managed for attainment of the envisaged ends. The focal point of all this is grooming the human resources for immediate and future use. In this regard, we are therefore proud of being part of the intellectual wealth of the University to providing services through a high level quality education offered at the University.

Teaching and Learning

The Department offers a wide range of professional courses that contribute to the attainment of university education to candidates admitted into the University to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate educational degree programmes in Science and Arts. Guided by theoretical and practical bases and experience, the Department currently offers its courses in two strands: Educational Foundations and Educational Management. The courses under the former strand are History of Education in East Africa; Professionalism and Ethics in Education; Principles of Education; and Philosophy of Education. Courses in the later strand are Management of Education and School Administration; School Governance; Human Resources Management and Development in Education; Administrative and Organizational Behaviour in Education and Management of Education Systems and Institutions.

Courses are taught through lectures, seminars, field work, group and individualised assignments envisaged to produce individuals who are ingrained with the attributes of positive mindset and a culture which cherishes human development through self-driven spirit, hard working, professionalism, creativity, confidence, innovativeness, competitive spirit, leadership and management skills. The Department believes that these attributes are essential to an individual to respond to development challenges and effectively compete regionally and internationally in the world of market.

Research Activities

Members of the Department conduct research, publish and disseminate research findings to the target audience in a wide range of specializations such as instructional leadership in schools; female leadership in educational institutions; policy making, implementation and review; creating and enhancing research culture in universities; public-private partnership in education provision; staff motivation in educational institutions; ethics in the teaching profession; sociology of education; disaster management in schools; and creating and promoting the school image.

Public Services

We are very proud of our staff and their achievements. The staff in the Department are involved in various consultancy and public services at local and national level. Some staff are leading School Boards in nearby schools and others are national facilitators in various educational programmes. Some of these national programmes whose facilitators and key players come from our Department include: Educational Quality Improvement Programme in Tanzania (EQUIP-T) for better learning outcomes at basic education level in Kigoma and Katavi Regions focusing on numeracy and literacy skills for Standards I and II pupils (2013-2018) and Mwanzo Mzuri (Good Start) Project on Early Childhood Education (June 2018-May 2020).

Expectations for Clients

Clients under our charge should expect the following services and products: quality delivery of courses, academic guidance and counselling, prompt response to enquiries; and not the least, producing well-grounded graduates found fit in learning and character for self-realisation and competitive spirit in the labour market.

Best Wishes


Dr. Oscar Joel Magava

Lecturer and Head of Department

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