Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies

About Us

Welcome to the Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies in the Faculty of Education, Mkwawa University College of Education, one of the most respected departments. As members of a vibrant department, we are dedicated to quality teaching, research and delivery of public service. Our Department was founded in 2006 and has grown to over 20 faculty members, with the majority being young and dedicated academics, scholars and researchers.

The Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies has a carefully designed curriculum which offers a wide range of courses. As its name suggests, the Department is dedicated to answering two broad questions related to Educational Sciences. First, education is largely concerned with the processes of learning, which by its very nature involves understanding complex human behaviour. Answers to this question are provided by specialties in Educational Psychology. Second, delivering knowledge and skills to learners is both an art and a science; and as such, the questions on how specific school subjects should be taught get their right answers from specialties in Curriculum and Teaching fields. The two are, essentially, the hub of the teaching enterprise, and for that reason we are proud of being part of the Department.

Our Teaching

In collaboration with other academic departments of the College, the Department offers a wide range of courses that contribute to the degree of Bachelor of Education in Arts (B.Ed. Arts), Bachelor of Education in Science (B.Ed. Science), and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). While striking a balance between theory and practice, the Department offers courses in Introduction to Educational Psychology; Counselling, Guidance and Special Needs Education; Educational Measurement and Evaluation and Research Methodology in Education, on the one hand; and subject curriculum teaching of various school subjects such as Kiswahili, English, History, Geography, Civics, Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as well as Curriculum Studies, on the other.

Our Research and Public Service

Faculty members of the Department research and provide public service in a number of specific fields.  In particular, some colleagues from the Department have been involved in different projects as part of public service, including the following: 

  1. Implementing USAID Tusome Pamoja Project focusing on Teacher Professional Development for Primary School teachers for Standards I and II and Educational Officers on 3Rs (2016-2018)
  2. Implementing EQUIP-Tanzania project to support better learning outcomes at Basic Education level in Kigoma and Katavi regions (2014-2019)
  3. Implementing Teacher Professional Development for Primary Schools on Early Grade Reading and Literacy in Mara Region (February 2018-December 2018)
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