Special Needs Education Unit (SNEU)



The Governing Board at its 76th meeting held on 9th November 2021 approved the establishment of Special Needs Education Unit at MUCE. The Unit strives to make reasonable adjustments to ensure students with special needs are able to fully participate in all academic and non-academic opportunities within the Collage premises on the same basis as students without impairment.

Eligibility for the services

Eligible persons include: students with special needs across all Faculties of MUCE in the areas of visual impairments (Blind and Low Vision), hearing impairments (Deaf and Hard of Hearing), physical impairments, health related impairments, emotional and behavioural disorders and learning disabilities. Where possible MUCE staff are also eligible for support services.

Services provided by the Unit

The SNEU-MUCE is hosted by the Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies (EPCS) in the Faculty of Education (FoEd). The Department has diverse specialists who ensure the quality services are provides to students with special needs, staff and neighbouring communities. Services provided include:

  • Transcription of learning materials to braille or braille to normal format for easy readability by students with visual impairment.
  • Recommending appropriate assistive devices for students with special needs (e.g. glasses and hearing aids for low vision and hard of hearing respectively).
  • Conducting hearing assessment and rehabilitation for students with hearing impairment.
  • Providing sign language interpretation to deaf and hard of hearing students in lectures, seminars and other university events.
  • Running a sign language club for students and staff.
  • Providing mobility and orientation services for students with physical disabilities for easy movement on campus.
  • hands on to students with special needs during the teaching practice/practical training
  • Training on the appropriate way of using assistive devices.
  • Minor services and maintenance of assistive devices.
  • Organizing and supervising recreational activities for students with special needs.


Why should you come for our supports and  services?

For the purpose of implementing inclusive policy and providing quality education services, the Unit has qualified and experienced personnel with special expertise, basic assistive devices and services.

SNEU location

SNEU office is located on MUCE campus at Block A (White House), Office No.7A and 9A.

Working hours

SNEU office is open during working hours from 8:00a.m to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Contacts Us:

Mr. Castory Makuta: Phone No:- 0742411338/0689523589

Mr. Emmanuel Hema: Phone No:- 0769956178/0678335321

Mr. Madale Samwel: Phone No:- 0755515249

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