Department of History, Political Science and Development Studies

The Department of History, Political Science and Development Studies offer History, Archaeology, Development Studies, Political Science and Public Administration courses. In line with the broader mission of the Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE), the department enable students to reach their highest potential through realizing the College Mission.  The Department is dedicated to being at the forefront of teaching and learning and fostering cutting edge research and discovery. The department has three sections namely: History, Political Science and Development Studies.

History Section

The section offers a wide variety of courses which provide students with opportunities to gain knowledge that covers major geographic area in relation to time. The academic programmes in the history section help students to understand historical issues and develop critical thinking skills can be translated into all areas of life, and prepare students for a variety of careers.

Political Science Section

Political science section offers courses that help students to understand political ideas, ideologies, institutions, policies, processes, classes, government, diplomacy and democracy.

Development Studies Section

Development studies is a distinct field of multidisciplinary study, research and policy analysis directed at understanding the processes and imperatives of national, regional, community and global transformation. The core vision of the section is to produce students with capacities (skills, knowledge, expertise etc) that can contribute effectively to scientific enquiry in the nature, causes and impact of global social, economic, political, cultural and technological changes on Third World Development.

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