Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the largest faculty in the College comprised of two departments, one unit and one centre: Some of the departments house several sections. The following are the two departments and one unit:

  1. Department of History, Political Science and Development Studies - offers History, Archiology, Development Studies, Political Science and Public Administration courses.
  2. Department of Geography and Economics - offers geography courses both physical and human geography, Economics, Commerce and Accounts courses.
  3. Languages and Literature Unit - offers Linguistics, Literature, French, Communication Skills, Kiswahili Isimu and Kiswahili fasihi courses.

Department of History, Political Science and Development Studies has three sections which are:

  1. History   
  2. Political Studies
  3. Development Studies

Languages and Literature Unit has four sections which are:

  1. Kiswahili
  2. Linguistics
  3. French
  4. Literature

The faculty also hosts Confusious Centre which is dealing with Chinese language and culture. 

Academic and Professional Programmes offered

The faculty is geared towards improving teaching and learning through the specified courses, to both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Currently the faculty offers Bachelor of Arts with Education and Master of Arts with Education in Geography stream. The faculty also offers College wide courses of Development Studies and Communication Skills to other faculties.

On top of that the faculty is also offering short courses in:

  1. Kiswahili for foreigners (beginners, Intermediate and advanced level)
  2. English (beginners, Intermediate and advanced level)
  3. French (beginners, Intermediate and advanced level)
  4. Chinese Languages (beginners, Intermediate and advanced level)
  5. GIS (Geographical Information System)
  6. EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) 

These courses help individuals for proper communication and business dealing as well as professional development. Similarly the faculty offers consultancies in the wide range of specialisation including but not limited to translation into four different international languages Kiswahili, French, English and Chinese.

The faculty under-takes researches in different fields of study in respective departments and across the disciplines. Its volume and quality of publications grow day after day. 


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


P.O. Box 2512


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +255262700636

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